Online Functional Recovery Space

Welcome to Edinburgh Norths functional recovery online space! 

Here is where you will find all our tips, tricks, and resources to help you with everything from social skills to what playlist is perfect for a rainy day. 
This page is being curated by our functional recovery and peer support teams to help you through self-iso and everything that may come after. 
We're here for you.



COVID Reflections

   At-home sensory tips
  Hints for Iso 

   Self Care Checklists


            COVID Reflections

Nina, one of our peer workers, has made a video talking about what she learned from COVID 19 and its restrictions. 
Self reflection is one of the first steps to understanding ourselves and our reactions. What have you learned in isolation?

         At-Home Sensory Tips

Denae, our functional recovery worker, has put together some at-home sensory tips to help out when you're feeling anxious or overwhelmed.  

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          Hints for Iso


Our peer support worker, Nina, has created a video filled with some self care tips for isolation. 





          Self Care Checklists

Ashlee, our peer support worker, made a series of at home checklists for the little things. 

Screen Shot 2020 06 03 at 2.36.31 pm

 Click on the links to download our pre-filled weekly and daily checklists. We've also included the templates, so you can create your own!