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tell us how we’ve helped

Sharing what you came to eheadspace for and 'how we've helped' can make it easier for other young people to know the kind of support eheadspace can offer. We’re sure you understand that we need to make sure what we publish encourages other young people to get help. Before you tell us how we’ve helped we want you to know what we're looking for:

good news stories

We're looking for a little bit about what brought you to eheadspace and how eheadspace worked for you. If it isn’t a positive story that encourages other to seek help we unfortunately won't be able to publish it. We do welcome other feedback or complaints, anything you tell us can help us make eheadspace a better service. If you have something you want to tell us that doesn't fit in 'how we've helped' head to "give feedback"

are you looking for help?

If you're having a difficult time and want to chat or email an eheadspace clinician head to "log into eheadspace"

do you need to talk to someone about an emergency?

If you need urgent assistance call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 or Lifeline on 13 11 14. If we are concerned about what you have submitted will may need to follow this up in line with our duty of care.
read more about "our duty of care"

Once submitted, your 'how we've helped' won't be published immediately. Someone from our team will have a look as soon as possible and make sure it's a story that can help other young people. eheadspace does not check for new ‘how we’ve helped’ stories overnight, on the weekend or on public holidays.